Getting Started

Start your journey by learning about the core features of WordCruncher.

Search Tools

There's a lot more to search than just a search box.

Search Results

Know what you can do once you've made a search.

Study Tools

Notes, highlighting, bookmarks, and more. Everything you need to study a text like a professional.

Analysis Reports

Analyze your text from every angle by using reports to analyze your text as a whole or down to an word.

Neighborhood Neighborhood

Look for words that commonly co-occur around a word

Phrase Compare Phrase Compare

Analyze the words and phrases that occur frequently between texts

Hit Concentration

Search words that are found near each other

Character Usage Character Usage

Analyze each character in a text

Search Vocabulary

A list of every word that was found in your search

Frequency Distribution

Frequency data about search results within their reference levels

Vocabulary Frequency Distribution

Compare a word's frequency between sections

Vocabulary Dispersion

Visual graphic of a word's usage throughout a text

Book Information Book Information

General word and reference level data about the book

User Options

Customize WordCruncher so that you can discover insights in the way you want to.

User Preferences User Preferences

Change settings used throughout the program

Book Options Book Options

Change settings specific to each book

Toolkit Documentation

Learn how to add your own texts into WordCruncher, so you're not limited to the WordCruncher Bookstore.

Indexer Program Indexer Program

The program to convert files for WordCruncher

Image Library Image Library Program

The program to add images to WordCruncher projects


The complete documentation on WordCruncher XML

Web Tools

WordCruncher can do a lot, but so can the web.
These tools were created to supplement some of the limitations to a desktop application.

CSV to ETAX Converter

Convert CSV files to ETAX files

Phrase List Creator

Create phrase lists from large lists

Type-to-Token Visualizer

Visualize changes in MATTR throughout a text

Word Environment Exclusion

Exclude search results based on word environments

Guide for iOS Coming Soon