Vocabulary Frequency Distribution

Updated as of 24 August 2020.

This report displays the frequency of all words that occur within different sections of the book.

This report can be accessed by clicking on the Book Reports (Analyze) dropdown menu in the top right corner of your open book's window, and then Vocabulary Frquency Distribution Report. Alternatively, it can also be accessed by selecting Analyze > Book Reports > Vocabulary Frquency Distribution Report in the navigation bar.

Section Selection

Example of section selection options

You can select up to 4 sections within a book to compare the frequency of words between these specific sections, versus viewing their frequencies for the entire book as a whole if you desire. For example, here w see the first few words in alphabetical order and how often they appear in the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants. With our current preferences (configured in the Subcolumn option between the two highlighted sections shown), the first column for each book displays the frequency per million words for the given word, and the second column displays he actual frequency of the word in that section.

Filter Options

Example of the filter options

When viewing results for this report, you can choose to filter by word or by frequency. In addition to these options, you can choose to show more specific results as shown in the highlighted menu above. These opions for more specific filters include showing words that only appear in a given section of the text, or showing words that do not appear in a given section.

Sort Options

Example of the sort options

Similar to the filter options, the sort options provide more in-depth and customized views of the data presented in this report. Here you can sort the results by word (alphabetically) or frequency. You can also ort specific sections by any of the currently shown subcolumns. For example, in the image shown, the options to sort by section frequency and section frequency/million appear since these two subcolumns are currentl being displayed for Section A.