Word Environment Exclusion Tool

NOT logic can be incredibly powerful to exclude unwanted results. This is especially important when you're researching something that can produce thousands of results that need to be manually reviewed. For example, you might want to find the word "apple" except when it occurs next to "computer". This workshop will create the logic you need, and save it into 2 Phrase Lists that you can import into the Phrase List tab.

How to Use

Anchor Word: In this textbox, add the word you are looking for. The dropdown menu to the left of the textbox is to change the language of the word. The language of the phrases must match the language used in the WordCruncher book. Neutral is used as a default language.

Phrases to Exclude: In this textbox, add the phrases you want to exclude. Put each phrase on a new line. The anchor word must be included in each phrase. Otherwise, it will be skipped. You do not need to add any phrases to exclude if you just want to add the word to your anchor word list.

Add Another Anchor Word: Click on this button to add another row of textboxes for a different anchor word. You can add as many anchor words as you want. Note that this website does not use cookies to preserve your data, so don't leave the page unless you've finished what you're doing.

Create Phrase List: Click on this button to generate the phrase list file (.WSLX) that you can import into your phrase list tab. This will generate 2 save files: one for anchor words and another for exclude phrases. Make sure to save both. Then, you can import these WSLX files into the phrase list tab by clicking on Options > Import a phrase list and selecting the WSLX files. Then, insert the two phrase lists into your search with #.0 between them.

Phrase Lists within the Search Bar

Add Another Anchor Word

Create Phrase List