Version History

Build 108 (19 September 2022)
  • When exporting data from the Vocabulary Dispersion report, the software would ask you if you really wanted to export all the data. It now no longer asks a second time. It also has an "export selected" option if you have just a few rows selected.
  • Users can now import more than 1 phrase list at a time. If you reinstall WordCruncher, all of your phrase lists are disconnected from the app but still available. Before, they only could be imported one at a time.
  • The search bar turns red in some special cases, causing the search feature to not work properly. This has been fixed.
  • Ruby Text was cutting the text above it. This has been fixed.
  • The rtDisp attribute for documents was not working. Ruby Text can now be hidden by default.
  • Issues with importing note files has been fixed.
  • Copy-paste of paragraphs with hidden reference levels has been fixed.
  • Using the character property of small caps would only work on the first paragraph of a book being indexed. This has been fixed.
  • Group words were not being added to the correct word list. They are now back to the right word list
  • Words that contain special search characters like * and ? and are inserted from the Word Wheel to the search bar did not escape the special characters correctly.
Build 105-107
  • Maintenance updates. Fixed several problems caused by porting the Windows code for Mac development.
Build 104 (11 October 2021)
  • Rewrote entire library of code for WordCruncher to support future operating systems, (e.g. Mac).
  • Added copyright management support to allow publishers to add copyrighted material to WordCruncher.
  • Added additional statistics to the Vocabulary Dispersion Report, (e.g. D, CV%, DP, and R%).
  • Added support for regular expressions for filtering the WordWheel.
  • Expanded the limit of custom user part of speech codes from 48 to 256.
  • Fixed several bugs throughout the software.
  • Added several bugs throughout the software.
Build 103 (15 December 2020)
  • Help system now points to online documentation.
  • Added a log frequency optional column in the WordWheel.
  • Added a custom URI scheme so that publishers can directly link to a product in the bookstore.
  • Fixed bug with search results export to RTF.
  • Added more export options for the Phrase Compare report.
  • Added option to change segment size for TTR data in the Phrase Compare report.
  • Added MU and Odds Ratio statistics for the Neighborhood report.
  • Added technical terms of tabs within the Neighborhood report, such as collocates, KWIC, and n-grams.
  • Fixed bugs in the Phrase compare report.
  • Fixed a bug in the Neighborhood report that prevented users from exporting collocate data.
  • Fixed default colors of the search result highlighting, so current hits and nearby hits are more apparent.
Build 102
  • Internal Use
Build 101 (16 July 2020)
  • Added additional export of type-to-token data when exporting a Phrase Compare report
  • Fixed bug with looking up a word in the dictionary
  • Fixed bug with word wrapping numbers
  • Fixed bug with table of contents bounds in the search window
  • Added tooltip when hovering over the Bounds box
Build 100 (7 July 2020)